tomorrow i’ll be starting season 4 of oz which is twice as long as the others (squints)

people acting like hannigram is the most fucked up ship out there and that people are gross for shipping it or wanting it to be canon have never watched oz where uh beecher/keller is canon…


I just want a fan fiction where Sebastian confesses his love to Ciel in the most romantic way possible and its really well written and then Ciel goes “ya know I’m like 12 what the fuck Sebastian”


I’m sorry but I don’t get people who ship Hannigram. Hannibal has caused Will SEVERE psychological and physical trauma, and their relationship is far from healthy in any way. And, you know, Hannibal is a sociopathic serial killer

mb because some people don’t care about ships being good or healthy bc it’s just fictional fucked up shit ?

i literally care so fucking little about raul singing let it go stop tagging posts about it.


Beard and Flowers

As requested by…well, pretty much everyone