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yr friendly reminder that i am no longer at this blog

i have moved here


hey, i’m not gonna be posting here anymore.

if you’re interested in still talking to me or following me then my new blog is over here. if we’re mutuals here it means i’ll probably follow you there

Comic-Con 2014: Natalie Dormer at the Women Who Kick Ass panel

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whenever i’m sad i like to imagine what possible crime Steve Irwin’s ancestor committed to warrant him being sent to Australia like some Victorian gentleman escorting a lady to the zoo past the crocodile enclosure and going “do you see that great wyrm sunning itself there? quite a striking creature, is it not? I do believe I shall engage it in fisticuffs.” 


Patrick Joust





when no1 understands u :(


i don’t understand this gif

no1 ever does :(

there’s a url i really want but I’m not brave enough to ask for it bc i can’t handle rejection

offer me good urls so that i can leave this place forever

tbh biggest tihng about remaking is i need a good url

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